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I’m Julia, and I've been living with chronic illness for more than a decade. My doctors are fantastic, my husband is beyond supportive, my friends are helpful and delightful, and it is still a struggle to get through every single day. This site is here to share the rants, resources, reviews, and ruminations I've created in my time as an angry invalid.

"Scrambler Therapy" for Neuropathic Pain: A Promising Alternative?

A doctor friend recently passed on an article from the Journal of Pain reporting on the efficacy of “electroscrambler therapy” for a cohort of patients with neuropathic pain. “Scrambler therapy,” to quote a longer and more patient-focused article from the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy, “is a new type of pain relief that uses a rapidly changing electrical impulse to send a “non-pain” signal along the same pain fibers that are sending the “pain” stimulus.” In other words, the scrambler electrodes send enough “static” along the nerve fibers to block out or dim the “noise” of the pain signals.

Extensive clinical trials are still in the works, but the reports so far seem encouraging. More to come as more research is published.

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Researching CBD Oil: One Writer's Experience