Chronic illness is no fun. If you're here, you already know that.

I’m Julia, and I've been living with chronic illness for more than a decade. My doctors are fantastic, my husband is beyond supportive, my friends are helpful and delightful, and it is still a struggle to get through every single day. This site is here to share the rants, resources, reviews, and ruminations I've created in my time as an angry invalid.

Fresh Perspectives on Fibromyalgia

At a recent pain management symposium, Dr. Philippe Berenger of The Cleveland Clinic made a strong case for fibromyalgia as primarily a neuropathic disease. “All nerves in fibromyalgia patients are more sensitive than they should be — including the brain and spinal cord,” said Dr. Berenger in his presentation.

More here. This change in taxonomy for the debilitating chronic disease may lead to treatment innovation, research funding, and other positive outcomes for patients and providers.

Comparison Shopping for Medical Care?

Obesity and Gut Microbiomes

Obesity and Gut Microbiomes