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Iā€™m Julia, and I've been living with chronic illness for more than a decade. My doctors are fantastic, my husband is beyond supportive, my friends are helpful and delightful, and it is still a struggle to get through every single day. This site is here to share the rants, resources, reviews, and ruminations I've created in my time as an angry invalid.

New Research on Gluten Sensitivity

New Research on Gluten Sensitivity

In today's, the always wonderful Julia Belluz highlights some new research data suggesting that people experiencing sensitivity to gluten-rich foods like yeasted breads or beers may be responding instead to carbohydrate compounds called fructans.

The most recent study out of Oslo, Norway presents some convincing evidence for fructans, rather than gluten, being the culprit in many subjects' digestive irritation. The journal publishing the study, Gastroenterology, is one of the gold-standard journals in the field, so this is well worth a look. (It's also one of the most clearly written clinical studies I've seen!)

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